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How often should I repaint my house interior?

Maintaining your house interior can be a hard job and deciding if it is time to get it repainted is even harder one. Let’s answer the question, “how often should I repaint my house interior?”.

The interior of your home does not need to be painted as frequently as the exterior. However, certain easy painting frequency principles need to be followed to keep your home interior fresh in every room and on every surface of your home.

There are several factors to take into consideration, including wear and tear, the frequency with which the rooms are utilised, and the purpose for which they are used. Each room is unique; heavily used areas like kitchen and hallways, will need to be painted more frequently, whereas others can go for years without needing to be repainted.

Typically, you can keep in mind following time limits for repainting different areas of your house interior:

  1. Bedrooms – 4-6 years
  2. Living room – 5-7 years
  3. Dining room – 5-7 years
  4. Kitchen – 2-3 years
  5. Bathroom – 3-4 years
  6. Hallways – 3-4 years

So, do you think its time to get your home interior repainted? Go to our website and leave us  message, we’ll take care of everything from there.