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Types of wall paint finishes to choose from

You might think that you are ready to go to the paint store now because you've decided on a new paint colour for your home improvement project. But wait, there’s more thinking to do. Color isn't the only way to add personality your home, there are also various paint finishes to choose from.

Choosing a paint finish highly depends on what kind of sheen you want. Different sheen may make a same color look completely different. Paint “sheen” means glossiness of a paint in simple words.

Paints generally come in different sheens. Here are these ranked according to their reflectiveness where 0 is least shiny and 5 is most:

  • Flat or Matte – 0
  • Low Sheen or Low Gloss – 1
  • Eggshell – 2
  • Satin - 3
  • Semi-Gloss – 4
  • High-Gloss – 5

Usually, flat or Matte are recommended for ceilings, Eggshell or Low-Sheen for walls, Satin for exteriors, Semi-Gloss or High-Gloss for window casings and doors.

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